I Did It!

I pick my daughter up from middle school every Tues, Thurs, and Friday. I park in the same place, and listen to a Podcast or sneak in a 10-minute nap while I wait for school to get out. It’s the same routine, at the same time-2:45, every week. But today, today was different.

When she jumped in the car, I asked her about her day, and then said:

“Do you want to see something?” With the squeal of a teenager.

“Yes.” She said with a mischievous smirk.

I open the Amazon app on my phone, facing the screen towards her. Click on the drop down Menu that reads “ALL” and click on “BOOKS”

I type in Adoption Journey in the search bar and scroll down…

Her eyes got wide and she said, “Is that YOUR book?”

I squealed.

She squealed.

I said, “Yes!” After squealing, we laughed together.

It was a moment I have been waiting to share with many of you for over two years now!

A Seemingly Unfillable Heart - An Adoption Journey

Is now available on Amazon, paperback and Kindle Ebook.

And honestly, it still all feels very surreal!

As a high school student, my English teacher told me I was horrible at English (she was right). By my senior year, I was still horrible at English, but I had a passion and talent for writing and my English teacher (a different one) took notice. During graduation, a poem I had written was read in front of hundreds, shared with the speaker by my English teacher (with my permission).

I am not the BEST writer. I am not the BEST at English and grammar. I am not the BEST author.

But I have taken the last two years to hone my craft. I am better than I was and I have the commitment to get even better, with each book that I write and share with the world.

For now, let me introduce to you, with the fullest heart…

A Seemingly Unfillable Heart - An Adoption Journey By: Gina Crotts