I'm so Happy Right Now

Three Years Post Concussion

I was a prisoner to my own mind. When you feel physical or emotional pain, you have space where you go (in your mind) or words that you use to comfort and soothe yourself. I was only a year and a half into meditation, but I knew how to take my mind to a happier place when things around me felt out of control, as I believe we all do. Jan. 2, 2016 I lost that space. I lost the ability to self soothe. I lost sight of any reality. There was merely nothing-nothing but pain and dark, blank space.

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I Missed It All

I wanted to roll over this morning and feel and find the joy. I wanted so much to make this birthday different, it should be different, but as every moment before this, it’s never what I expect or what I think it should be. The contrasting emotions have been brewing in my chest for a week now, and though this year was a smoother ride than years before, I still find myself begging for relief.

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