A Seemingly Unfillable Heart - Available NOW on Amazon

Did you know I wrote a book? I know, I can hardly believe it myself.

I am an author!

A Seemingly Unfillable Heart

A Birth Mother’s Journey

Has been a two-year project for me-lets be honest, its been 18 yrs in the making. Self-publishing is no joke! And seeing as this is my first book, I am having to research and learn ALL of the lingo-aka spending hours on YouTube for even the simplest steps like what keywords to use for my Amazon listing.

Pre-sale will start mid-September including paperback and Ebook! Available on Amazon. As we all know, IG and FB have a mind of their own and though I will be posting more details here {as they come available} I would love to update you all via email-this way you’re not missing any updates on when the pre-sale will start!

If you are eager to get a signed copy in your hands please send me your email! You’ll be the first to know when and where A Seemingly Unfillable Heart becomes available.