This Girl Has Places to Go!

My oversized t-shirt hides the shame of who YOU think I have become.

I shuffle my feet as I sit in this oversized leather chair.

Their faces are kind, but I know what is racing through their minds.


I am only 19 years old. I am not married. I am alone. I am pregnant.

If I could pull this oversized t-shirt over my head and hide my face, I would.

Every stereotype you place in my lap has already been tattooed on my face.


Point your fingers. Question my integrity. Hell, question who I WILL become.

The labels you place on me are simple beliefs that have been brainwashed in your mind.

“Do you have a problem with substance abuse?” “Are you drinking alcohol?”


If I answer “yes” does that somehow bring YOU more comfort in the decision I have made?

My oversized t-shirt is not to hide who I know I AM.

It’s to hide who you think I should be. Who you think a birthmother is to be.



I am 37 years old. I am happy. I am confident. I am brave. I am successful.

I no longer pull that oversized t-shirt over my face, to make YOU feel more comfortable.

I have smashed and destroyed every stereotype you can find.


Keep pointing your fingers. Question my integrity.

But who I have become may scare you.

For the labels and beliefs that you so strongly believe, make you question who YOU have become.


Because teenage pregnancies don’t turn out like this.

So excuse me if my confidence makes you feel uneasy.

Or if you’re having a hard time fitting me into your little box.


I’ll be too busy advocating to notice your insecurities.

Go ahead and step aside or get on board.

Because this girl has places to go!