I Believe In Me

Don't fight it, it's coming for you, running at ya
It's only this moment, don't care what comes after...

I can hear my 7-year-old singing with no hesitation in his voice. His sweet tone and innocent passion for the lyrics is contiguous to listen too. I sneak down the hallway, tiptoeing on the hardwood floors. I don't want to interrupt his performance. I stop at the doorway to his room. He's standing on his bed, his feet placed over the face of Darth Vader on his red and black Star Wars comforter. He's wearing an oversized baseball t-shirt, that once fit his older brother, that now serves as his pajamas. 

Oh, this is the greatest show
We light it up, we won't come down
And the sun can't stop us now
Watching it come true, it's taking over you
Oh, this is the greatest show

"You have a wonderful singing voice," I whisper to him between verses. 

He looks towards me with a smile, not missing a beat. His chest rises towards the sky, his eyes wide and bright, his confidence grows with every following word. He does not shy away from my compliment, he doesn't turn to me with an excuse, he smiles and returns to his untainted world of simple pleasures. 

I sit down on the corner of my king size mattress, my room adjacent to his. I can still hear him finishing off the final words to his masterpiece but this time louder, stronger and full of certainty. He doesn't have to verbally confirm his new found confidence in his singing voice, I could hear it instantly. He believes me with no questioning and in an instant internalizes this positive energy to boost his ability. 

I envied his ability to simply accept my compliment. 

I envied his ability to believe in everything that is good and positive.

I envied his childlike innocence that the world has yet to alter. 

I envied his confidence.

I too want to stand ontop of my comforter and sing the lyrics to my favorite song with vigor and conviction. Not in the same way my son did, but in my own way. 


 "Gina, you have a wonderful ability to write," says my fictitious person. 

Instead of shying away from this compliment {every or any compliment} I smile, agree, and believe. I believe! And then I acknowledge with a thank you, verbally or internally, if your working with a fictitious person here. 

There is no delay or excuse in my acknowledgement.

Yes, I am a wonderful writer. 

I am a wonderful writer. 

Can you image the POWER we could have if we instantly believed in the positive feedback we received?

This feedback comes from outside sources and from our inner dialogue. When you receive a compliment how do you respond? Do you make an excuse for why you look exceptionally put together? Do you make an excuse for your talents? Do you shy away and follow with a thousand negative comments to yourself?

Or do you believe? 

I have heard my son sing a handful of songs since this experience and each time I remind him of his wonderful singing voice and marvel at his instant positive reaction. I push away thoughts of how the world will try and bring him down. My job, as his mother, is to continue to teach him to believe in the good, the positive, and the light that he has to share with the world. My job is to help him hold onto that confidence and what I believe is the single most important statement that I can teach him...

Believe in yourself.

Because when we believe in a compliment that is given, what we are truly doing is believing in ourselves. Believing we are enough. Believing in the good that we have to share with the world. From now on I will no longer shy away from a compliment. I will remember my son's sweet face and the instant belief he had in my words. I will believe in me the way he so easily believes in himself. 

I encourage you to stand on your bed, raise your chest to the air, open your eyes wide and perform your favorite song in your own way! And maybe, just maybe when you are done lay on your back in the comfort of your sheets and whisper to yourself, I believe in me!