I Am Grateful to Be a Birth Mother

I was 19 years old when I placed my baby girl for adoption. I will turn 39 years old this summer. I cannot believe 20 years have passed since I found myself on the bathroom floor holding a positive pregnancy test. The fear and turmoil that flooded over me in an instant still bring chills up my spine. My whole world changed; I stepped out of that bathroom a different person, ready or not.

Over the years, I have found that grief plays a role in every relationship that I have. The fear of abandonment stills rests on my chest if I allow it. I understand that life can change in an instant, and that brings more light and awareness to living in the now. I have found my way through some tough times in my life, post-placement, with the understanding that I am strong. If I was able to place my baby for adoption, I could do just about anything.

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