I Give a Damn Social Mob is a day of service for ALL OF US!

It’s a day to serve those around you, to find those who are in need, and Give a Damn! I have chosen the 8th of EVERY month for this project because the symbol 8 represents. what goes around comes around. As kindness often does! I am encouraging all of you to join me in this social mob of serving those around you. Yes, this is something we should focus on daily, but on the 8th of every month, I am asking you to say “I Give a Damn” and be more aware of those in need.

How To Get Involved:

Simply say, “I Give a Damn (out loud or to yourself, it doesn’t really matter) about people, my community, my friends, my family, and be willing to serve those around me.”

Once you have completed your act of kindness, comment on my post (on the 8th of every month) with the number 8. This will help us create a social mob of kindness throughout the world! If you did 3 good deeds, comment five times with an 8.

This will take place here on my website, on FB ginacrottswriter but mostly on my Instagram ginacrottswriter.

If you are not already following me on those platforms, please do!

Spread The I Give a Damn Social Mob:

Do you want to also share the I Give a Damn Social Mob on your social media platform? Post the following meme, be sure to TAG ME ginacrottswriter, and ask your followers to say I Give a Damn, on the 8th of every month!

I want to keep these acts of kindness anonymous, but I also want to see how many people we can reach on one single day, each month! The world could use a mass social mob of good deeds, don't you think? 

Please SHARE the, I Give a Damn Social Mob with everyone and start thinking about what you will do on 8th, of every month, to show someone you actually give a damn!