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SHINE! is a presentation about self-love and acceptance. When you align with your hearts center and glory in who you are, you can't help but SHINE!

Gina Crotts shares her journey of finding her worth and self-confidence through difficult life trials. Join her as she guides you through SHINE! A 5 step program on how to become your best self. 

"Gina has this uncanny way of making her story so real and relatable- even for those who have never been in her shoes. She draws her audience in and makes them feel all the things she felt and in that vulnerable space people instantly connect to her. They want to hear more but more importantly she makes them want to share their own stories. She takes you from happy laughs to tears running rampant down your cheeks. When she spoke at my women’s retreat my attendees walked away from her talk feeling inspired, refocused, understood and loved! Keep sharing you with the word Gina. You and your message are irreplaceable!" - Kallie Dalley, Owner of The Tailored Market & Smitten By


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Authenticity in Adoption

Experience a birth mother’s journey first-hand as Gina Crotts shares her authentic story of placing her baby girl for adoption. Through her heartfelt words you will discover the importance of healthy communication, showing empathy, and being authentic in and about the adoption triad.

"I wanted to let you know how many people I talked to identified your presentation and story as the highlight of this year's adoption conference.  I have attended the conference for four years and have never seen a story have such an impact on adoptive parents and professionals alike. I am so impressed by you and hope you continue to share your is so important."  -Lennie Nichols Knowlton


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