Gina Crotts

Hello, Friends. My name is Gina Crotts. I am grateful you are here to read about My Adoption Story, My Concussion Story, and everything in between. 

In Jan. 2016, I suffered a severe concussion. I struggled with post-concussion-syndrome for 6 months before I went to treatment at Cognitive FX in June 2016. During those trying times, I discovered a love for meditation. Meditation guided me to my calling, of writing a memoir. 

In the fall of 2000, I placed my baby for adoption. Shortly after, I started my own non-profit organization called, Birth Mother Baskets. I spent 14 years as an adoption advocate, speaking at many adoption conferences, sitting on birth mother panels, and educating adoptive couples. 

These events in my life, among others, play a huge role in who I am today and I am grateful to have a platform to share those experiences with you. My promise to you is to keep it real, raw, and honest. In hopes that you will be inspired to tell your story with others.

Follow along as I tell my story of perseverance, grief, heartache, and determination.