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As a public speaker and birth mother, Gina has engaged audiences at adoption conferences and birth mother retreats nationwide. After placing her baby for adoption in the fall of 2000, she founded Birth Mother Baskets. A non-profit organization focused on providing emotional support, to birth mothers post placement.

After fourteen years of running Birth Mother Baskets, Gina stepped away to pursue a career as a Creative Arts Manager. A severe concussion in 2016 led Gina back to rediscover her real passion for writing and Adoption. She has been working on her Adoption memoir since that time. 

Her writing has been featured on America Adopts, Adoption Today, American Adoptions,,, and CAIRS News Room. Gina has received the UAC Community Excellence Award for outstanding contributions to Adoption in Utah. 

Gina’s Memoir, A Seemingly Unfillable Heart; an Adoption Journey is available NOW on Amazon.

Gina currently works as a content writer, blogger, and birth mother advocate for CAIRS Solutions. You can also follow her on IG: at ginacrottswriter.